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Why Choose our Power Dialer?

  • Score your leads as Hot, Warm, Cold, etc and write notes to stay organized
  • One click personalized pre-recorded voicemails to ensure more callbacks with less effort
  • Choose any ten digit caller ID and enjoy free call transfers and conference calls
  • Take control of your agents with our optional monitoring and coaching tool
  • Instantly followup by email to reach customers quickly to increase conversions
  • Unlimited phone tech support & video tutorials for your Call Center Dialer
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See how IGI used Dolphin to help increase appointments set by 150%.

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“I love the Dolphin Power Dialer. I tried other dialers and they were too expensive and too cumbersome. I have increased my calls and sales and reduced my costs! The service after the sale is phenomenal. I wouldn’t use anything but the Dolphin!”

– Becky, B2B in Florida

A Power Dialer is more effective than a Predictive dialer for most agents. With a Predictive Dialer, you lose a lot of costly leads with dropped calls and the infamous “telemarketer delay.”

Our Call Center Dialer let’s you preview notes on the lead before you speak to them so you’re ready for the sale. It also removes the “telemarketer delay” that consumers have come to recognize means they’ve been auto dialed. We want you to have the best chance to close the sale with happy prospects. Or send those good leads you got in Dolphin to full featured CRM call center.

Need low cost USA or Canadian residential or business lists for your telemarketing campaign?

Could you increase sales by 50% or more? Our outbound call center software is designed to increase contact and conversions.

To operate Dolphin Power Dialer you will need:

Beautiful Call Center Dialer that’s Easy to Use

CallCenter Software

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